It is not only casino games of every possible description that you are going to be able to access and play on a mobile device, for there are plenty of betting opportunities surrounding the world of sports betting that you are going to be able to place wagers on via your mobile phone.

Every category of sports betting that you can think of and plenty of other sporting events you may never have even considered placing a bet on are available to anyone with any type of mobile device. Below we will take a look at some of the most placed bets and wagers that you are going to be able to place on your mobile device.


Single Win Bets – The most placed bet you will find offered from all mobile sports betting sites are single win bets, this is when you place a bet on for example one of two teams playing in a cricket or soccer match. The odds are going to vary depending on just which mobile betting site you choose to sign up to and the only way you are going to get the best odds on your chosen wagers is by comparing them from each betting site!

Each Way Betting – Lots of sports betting sites will let you place something known as an each way bet, these types of bets are usually offered on horse or greyhound races and you simply have to pick one of the runner that you think is either going to win that race or will get placed in one of the listed winning positions in that race. Be aware though that when you place such a bet you have to place two wagers, one wager will cover the horse or greyhound you have chosen to win and the other wager will earn you a winning payout is your horse finished 2nd or sometimes 3rd or 4th in that race.

Correct Score Betting – Many sports bettors love nothing better than placing a bet on the final score of the soccer match or cricket match or in fact any sporting match, you are simply staked with trying to predict the final score of any sports match when placing this kind of bet and each possible score of that match will come with its own unique set of odds.

Half Time Full Time Betting – Any sporting event that has two parts to it such for example as a football match is going to see you being able to place something known as half time full time bet. When you place one of these kinds of wager you need to predict which team will be winning at half time or at half time the match will be a draw and then also do the same for the final score of the match and as such you need to predict also whether the home team will win or the away team or the game will end in a draw at the final whistle. Once again the odds available on these types of wagers can and will vary depending on where you choose to place them.

First Player to Score Betting – If you have a personal favourite team member of any sporting team you enjoy watching then another bet which you may be interested in playing is a first player to score type of bet. Every single player playing in any type of sports event will have a set of odds attached to them and by naming the player who will score first in that match, if he or she does then you will have placed a winning bet and will be paid out accordingly, the odds will vary based on the actual chance of any player to score in any sports event!