The number of mobile casino sites that utilize the mobile gaming platforms offered by Microgaming is very large and when you choose to play at such as site you are going to have access to one of the very largest mobile gaming suites which encompasses every single category of casino game you can think off.

Microgaming are no strangers to designing casino games or the gaming platforms which those game operate on for they launched the every first online casino site back in 1994 and also launched their very first fully compatible mobile gaming platforms back in 2005.

There are in fact several different mobile gaming platforms on offer by Microgaming, they have one that is compatible with very old mobile phones and one that is accessible to anyone using a Blackberry device.

Best MicroGaming Mobile Casinos in India

Mobile Compatible
100% up to $200
100% up to $200
100% up to $1,000

They have recently launched both a downloadable Casino App and a web browser based mobile gaming platform for everyone with a modern day mobile phone tablet device or smart phone, so you will be able to play any type of casino games using any type of mobile device at any Microgaming software powered mobile casino.

You will also find you can playing Microgaming’s range of casino game for free with the exception of their progressives mobile games or if you choose to play their games for real money then you will find a plethora of high valued casino bonuses are available from the mobile casino sites offering those games when you first sign up as a new player! Take a look at the overview below of some of the most popular categories of mobile casino games that Microgaming has available.

Classic Slots – You may fancy playing very fast paced yet easy to play slot game son any type of mobile device either for free or for real money, and if this is the case then you will be interested to learn that Microgaming have several three reel classic slot games on offer each of which come with very generous and above average payout percentages.

Video Poker – There are lots of single hand Video Poker game that are now accessible on Microgaming’s many different mobile gaming platforms, always choose the number of coins you play these types of mobile casino games for as you will find several of Microgaming’s Video Poker games that can be played on a mobile device offer an enhanced jackpot payout when you play five coin hands as opposed to one to four coin hands!

Card and Table Games – The most popular casino games from both the casino card game and casino table game categories are now fully accessible at all mobile casino sites utilizing the Microgaming mobile gaming platforms and as such low stake and low house edge games such as Blackjack can be accessed and played and single zero European Roulette games with enhanced high definition graphics and animations are also found in their mobile gaming platforms.

Video Slot Games – You are going to have to allocate plenty of time to play Microgaming’s stunning a and very immersive range of video slot games, for when playing these highly energetic and bonus game packed video slot machine you will always have the chance of triggering lots of different types of bonus games and bonus features and the payout percentages have been set very on all of them high too!

Progressive Slot Machines – Make sure that you always try and allocate a small proportion of your mobile casino game playing budget to playing some of the progressive casino games that Microgaming have on offer for when playing their progressive slot game you could instantly win some very sizeable jackpots, some of their progressive slot game could also instantly turn you into a multi millionaire if you manage to win their huge jackpot payouts!